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Cataract Surgeon in Boca Raton and Miami

Cataracts cloud the eye’s natural lens and are the most common reason for poor eyesight and loss of vision. A cataract surgeon can correct cataract problems and restore your eyesight. You will find the best cataract surgeon at SightTrust Eye Institute. They serve the communities of Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Weston.

The lens of your eye consists mostly of water and protein. As you age, some of the protein loses its precise arrangements and forms lumps that clamp together and cloud areas of the lens. This results in impaired vision and sometimes even blindness.

A cataract surgeon such as Dr. Andrew Shatz can perform a bladeless procedure with extreme precision and accuracy that will remove cataracts and restore vision. This type of procedure is made possible by using femtosecond laser technology. Cataract surgery is safe, quick and painless. Previous procedures used ultrasound probes but now with the use of LenSx cataract lases, the procedure is even more precise and effective.

By using LenSx laser technology, the cataract surgeon creates precise incisions and then divides the cataract into smaller segments. This type of procedure does not require the use of blades or ultrasound probes. A cataract surgeon can also use this technology to treat other eye conditions such as astigmatism.

A leading cataract surgeon such as Dr. Shatz at the SightTrust Eye Institute can help restore your vision and decrease, or even eliminate, dependency of glasses and contact lenses. Even if you can only see things with the help of strong prescription lenses, cataract surgery and technologies such as LenSx laser treatment can correct your poor vision and eyesight.

If you want to see young again, SightTrust Eye Institute can help you in Boca Raton, Palm Beach or Weston.

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