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Premium Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

With so many amazing IOLs available, Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange surgery can provide you freedom from glasses at practically every distance! Whether you desire multifocal implants to improve distance, intermediate, and near; monovision to allow one eye to see far and one to see close; or single focus IOLs for distance or near; each IOL is selected to meet your individual vision goals.

Once an IOL is in place, the focus it provides does not change over time. Additionally, unlike the natural lens, the IOL will not cloud up over your lifetime, so once you have had a cataract or refractive lens exchange procedure, you will never develop cataracts or need to repeat this surgery!

Cell Phone“Arm’s Length” VisionDriving
ReadingDashboardWatching TV
ComputersDesktop ComputerSporting Events
Food on a PlateCockpitTheater

Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL) Options

Glasses – Free Vision GoalMonofocalToric MonofocalExtended Depth of FocusMultifocal / Trifocal
Glasses After SurgeryNear and IntermediateNear and IntermediateNearOccasional Near
Benefits Without GlassesImproved DISTANCE VisionImproved DISTANCE VisionImproved DISTANCE Vision
Improved DISTANCE,
NEAR Vision
LimitationsGlasses Needed for NEAR
Glasses Needed for NEAR
Glasses Needed for NEARPossible HALOS around
lights at night
Potential for Glare & HalosMinimalMinimalMinimalMinimal

PanOptix® Trifocal and Trifocal Toric

AcrySof®IQ PanOptix® Trifocal Intraocular Lens (IOL) is the first approved trifocal lens replacement for cataract or lens replacement surgery. PanOptix is clinically shown to deliver exceptional near, intermediate and distance vision while significantly reducing the need for glasses after surgery.

The PanOptix® Trifocal IOL is a multifocal IOL that focuses images clearly onto the back of your eye (retina) to allow clear distance vision. In addition, the center of the PanOptix® lens allows for better near (reading) vision and intermediate (computer work) vision compared to a monofocal (single focus) lens.

TECNIS Synergy™ 

Similar to the PanOptix® Trifocal, the Synergy offers a wide range of vision from near through distance, reducing the need for glasses for most tasks.

TECNIS Eyhance™ and TECNIS Eyhance™ Toric

TECNIS Eyhance™ IOL offers Distance PLUS without compromise with a continuous increase in power from edge to center designed to slightly extend the depth of focus at plano. The TECNIS Eyhance provides higher spectacle independence for intermediate distance.

AcrySof® IQ Vivity® and AcrySof® IQ Vivity® Toric

Vivity is the first-of-its-kind, Extended Vision Intraocular Lens (IOL), that uses X-WAVE™ technology to reduce your dependence on glasses. Vivity enables high-quality vision at far and intermediate ranges as well as functional up-close vision. The lens helps reduce the need for reading glasses that occurs with age. The lenses have been shown to improve both intermediate and near vision in those undergoing cataract or lens replacement surgery. Instead of rings, the Vivity lens uses a smooth surface pattern that creates an extended range of vision. It allows you to see clearly at distance and intermediate ranges, and everywhere in between.  There are no rings on this lens, which decreases the likelihood that you will see halos at night.

RayOne EMV and RayOne EMV Toric

An enhanced monofocal IOL. Similar to the other extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOLs, RayOne provides more than just distance vision; it also seamlessly allows you to see in the mid-range (think: dashboard and computer). This IOL can also be used to provide monovision – an approach used in LASIK and contact lenses to allow one eye to see distance while focusing the other for closer tasks.

AcrySof® Toric

AcrySof® Toric is a terrific option to reduce astigmatism while at the same time providing excellent distance or near vision.  It can even be used to provide one eye with distance vision while the other eye is focused for near tasks, a treatment called monovision.

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