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Premium Cataract Surgery, Multifocal Phakic Intraocular Lens, Intraocular Lens Surgery, Bladeless Cataract Surgery, Laser Cataract Surgery in Fort Lauderdale , FL

SightTrust Eye Institute is a world class resource for premium cataract surgery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We utilize the advanced LenSx all-laser cataract system to perform highly effective cataract procedures, and this particular type of bladeless cataract surgery is hard to find. There are just a few dozen cataract surgery centers in the entire United States that utilize this technology, and SightTrust Eye Institute is the first center in Broward County that offers cutting edge LenSx all-laser cataract surgery.

We feel a very deep connection to residents of this extraordinary community, and we are well aware of the fact that it is a retirement haven. The weather is mild all year long, so seniors and others can enjoy outdoor activities like golf, tennis, walking, and simply basking in the sun. There are ongoing opportunities for cultural enrichment, there is a great culinary scene, and there are many points of historical interest to explore. Though there are a lot of things to do with your spare time, it’s hard to take full advantage of it if your vision is not what it used to be. This is where an experienced Fort Lauderdale, FL cataract surgeon like Dr. Shatz can make a world of difference.

Our eyes have natural lenses that sit behind the irises, and over the years, they become cloudy to one extent or another due to the appearance of cataracts. The intraocular lens surgery that we perform for our patients can be accurately described as a refractive lens exchange. We perform the intraocular lens procedure, and a phakic intraocular lens is put in place in lieu of the natural lens that was compromised by the cataracts. It may sound somewhat complicated, and it is, but the technology that has been developed is quite extraordinary. About 3 million cataract surgeries are performed each year, and in many cases, we can perform cataract surgery on both eyes on the same day, so the convenience factor is off the charts.

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Our comfortable facility is convenient to all parts of town, from Sunrise Key to Nurmi Isles to Rio Vista Lakes, to the Harbor Beach/Harbor Heights area, so crystal clear vision is just a phone call away. If you would like to have a discussion with one of our Fort Lauderdale, Florida laser cataract surgery consultants, call us right now at (877) 878-7890.

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