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What Is Phakic Intraocular Lens Surgery?

To understand the value of the phakic intraocular lens surgery Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Boca Raton area residents can receive from us, you have to digest a little bit of background information. LASIK surgery started to become widely utilized for the correction of nearsightedness back in the middle part of the 1990s. It was a revelation of sorts because people who always had to wear glasses or contacts could sit through this brief procedure and emerge with perfect vision once again.

Of course, LASIK surgery is still available, and many individuals with myopia benefit from it. However, there are people who are nearsighted who do not have very thick corneas. Under these circumstances, LASIK surgery cannot be safely and effectively performed. As a result, for a while, individuals who were in this position had no alternative with regard to a surgical solution. They had to continue wearing glasses or contacts, but the introduction of phakic intraocular lens surgery has changed the playing field.

Phakic intraocular lens surgery is the ideal alternative to LASIK surgery as a permanent response to nearsightedness. It now provides an avenue for people who are not candidates for the LASIK procedure. These lenses are thin, prescription implants that are custom crafted for each patient. Phakic intraocular lenses can remain permanently in place, but if your vision changes over time, they can be replaced and a different lens can be implanted.

Put Away Your Glasses for Good!

Here at SightTrust Eye Institute, we are committed to providing our neighbors in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Plantation, Davie, and Sunrise, Florida with life-changing solutions. Our surgeon, Dr. Shatz, is widely regarded as one of the finest and most experienced lens implant specialists in the southeast region, and people in this area are fortunate to have access to such a highly respected expert.

When you hear about a procedure that sounds rather futuristic and complicated like phakic intraocular lens surgery, you may assume that it is painful, time-consuming, and very expensive. In fact, there may be a slight bit of discomfort, but there is no real pain. The surgery can be completed in about 30 minutes, and you can go home on the same day shortly after receiving the procedure. Plus, it is surprisingly affordable, and there are financing options available, too.

If you would like to discuss the surgery with a knowledgeable SightTrust Fort Lauderdale-Miami phakic intraocular lens specialist, we can be reached by phone at 877-878-7890.

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