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What questions will my cataract doctor ask me?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cataracts, your mind may be full of questions to ask your cataract doctor. After all, a cataract doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts. And since the treatment is usually surgical in nature, you want to be clear on all aspects of any procedure you might face.

However, today’s cataract doctor has many options for treating your cataracts. If your cataract doctor is up on all the latest technology, like Dr. Andrew Shatz of SightTrust Institute, the doctor may have a number of questions for you regarding your cataract treatment.

Located in Sunrise, Florida, SightTrust Institute provides its patients in Boca Raton, Miami, Palm Beach, Parkland, Plantation, and Weston with many choices for cataract treatment. Here are some examples of the kinds of questions your cataract doctor might ask you to help determine which treatment will suit you best.

Your cataract doctor may ask, “What are some of your favorite activities in Plantation?” or, “Does your work in Weston require a lot of computer time?”


If your cataract doctor asks you about your bowling team in Boca Raton, your favorite fishing coves in Palm Beach, your time on the Pickleball courts at Terramar Park in Parkland, or your Miami embroidery club, it’s not just a friendly question. Your cataract doctor wants to know how you use your eyes the most—whether it’s for distance, middle vision, or close-up work.

There are many types of intraocular lenses (IOLs) available today to replace your dulled lens. So, when your cataract “ripens” and your cataract doctor removes the cataract, it’s important to know which kind of replacement lens would suit you best.

As a pioneer in the use of new kinds of IOLs, Dr. Shatz and the team at SightTrust Institute offer a wide selection of IOL choices to replace your clouded natural lens with a lens that can give you crystal-clear vision.

Your cataract doctor may ask, “Would you like to stop wearing glasses for good?”


Recent innovations have opened the door for many people to enjoy life without eyeglasses. While it may not be possible to correct every type of vision issue with surgery, your cataract doctor should have access to technology that may make extensive vision correction possible.

For example, Dr. Andrew Shatz at SightTrust Institute is highly skilled in the use of the LenSx cataract laser. Not only can LenSx laser be used to more gently and precisely remove cataracts, it can also prepare the eye for an intraocular lens that will permanently correct even such difficult conditions as astigmatism.

Your cataract doctor may ask, “How would you like to get both eyes treated for cataracts at the same time?”


Studies show that patients who undergo cataract treatment procedures on both eyes in the same day—a procedure also known as same-day bilateral cataract surgery (SDBCS)—tend to have fewer complications and a quicker average recovery time.

SightTrust Institute offers this convenient procedure, which takes about a half-hour (total) for both eyes. Dr. Shatz has successfully performed SDBCS for a number of years now. Based upon his professional experience, he has a great deal of confidence in its safety and effectiveness.

If you have cataracts in both eyes, ask your cataract doctor about SDBCS…unless, of course, your cataract doctor asks you first!

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