Bilateral Same-Day Surgery (BSDS)

Treating both eyes on the same day offers several advantages over the older technique of waiting days or weeks between surgeries and has been proven to be equally safe.

Bilateral same-day cataract and lens surgery (BSDCS) is a method of treating both eyes on one visit, separating each procedure by minutes rather than weeks.  This technique has been proven to be equally safe as having each eye treated on different days.

Benefits of BSDCS include requiring only a single anesthesia session, no need to return for another procedure, a shorter post-operative healing period, and a quicker visual recovery since both eyes improve at the same time.  Another benefit of having both eyes treated on the same day is that it reduces the number of times you need to visit the office, decreasing your exposure to others.

While it is always your decision to have both eyes treated on the same day, we will help guide you through the process.  Depending on your general health and your specific visual needs, bilateral same-day surgery is most often the best choice to help you achieve your vision outcome sooner!