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As we age, our eyes change. Our ability to focus at near starts to diminish in our mid-forties as the lens slowly hardens, which is known as presbyopia. Due to this hardening, the natural lens of the eye loses flexibility, leading to this decline in near vision. You may be experiencing presbyopia if you are age 40 or older and are having any of the following symptoms: 

  • Difficulty with reading, phone, or computer vision
  • Blurred vision at normal reading distance
  • A need to hold reading material farther away to make words clearer
  • Eyestrain or headaches after reading or doing close-up work

Although presbyopia can be frustrating, there is no need to fear as there are options to permanently eliminate it. SightTrust Eye Institute has customized vision correction plans that allow you to determine the range of vision you want to have. Refractive lens exchange, also known as lens replacement surgery, is a procedure designed to address presbyopia. The good news is, much like cataract surgery, Lens Replacement is one of the most successful procedures.

During the procedure, your failing natural lens is removed through a microscopic laser-created opening and replaced with an intraocular lens implant (IOL), similar to those used in cataract surgery. This new lens is customized to your particular vision needs and can permanently restore your vision along with providing you refreshed vision at near, intermediate, and distance. Refractive Lens Exchange surgery is suitable for individuals in their 40s and older, as well as those who rely on reading glasses.

Lens replacement surgery offers various options for IOLs, including: multifocal/trifocal implants for improved vision at all distances, monovision for one eye to see far and the other to see close, or single vision for either distance or near vision. The choice of IOL depends on your specific desires and needs.

The surgery typically takes about 10 minutes per eye and is performed in our outpatient surgical suite with only eye drops for anesthesia and mild sedation. Recovery is quick, and patients can expect to get back to most of their activities in a matter of days. One significant advantage of lens replacement surgery is that the focus provided by the IOL does not degrade over time, and the risk of developing cataracts in the future is eliminated, meaning you’ll never need to repeat this surgery again! Additionally, SightTrust Eye Institute’s patients have the option to treat both eyes on the same day, reducing healing time and allowing for quicker visual recovery.

At SightTrust Eye Institute, we are proud to offer our patients Refractive lens exchange surgery. This procedure not only allows you the freedom to get back to your normal life quickly, but our practice is also a leader in Bilateral Same-Day Surgery, meaning we can get you back to normalcy much more quickly. If you’re nearing the age where you may be experiencing symptoms of presbyopia, we encourage you to make an appointment with our office so we can discuss your options. Refractive lens exchange surgery is a great solution for many, and we’d love to provide you with excellent care so you can get back to enjoying the things you love. 

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