Pre-Operative Care for Lens Replacement Surgeries: What to Expect

Posted by: SightTrust Eye Institute in Lens Replacement, Presbyopia, Refractive Surgery

You have finally decided to have lens replacement surgery to permanently rid you of the need for glasses. Your motivation? You are tired of dealing with the debilitating symptoms of cataracts such as blurred vision, trouble seeing at night, halos around lights, or double vision; or are struggling with constantly grabbing a pair of reading […]

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Opening Our Eyes to Possibilities – Resolutions for Self-Improvement

Posted by: SightTrust Eye Institute in Cataracts, IOLs, Presbyopia

It’s another new year, and another new opportunity to make exciting resolutions for self-improvement in 2024. While research shows that many Americans make New Year’s resolutions each year, just 9% actually keep their resolutions the whole year. Unfortunately, many people learn to live with the inconveniences of health issues they don’t see as urgent because […]

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