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It is common during South Florida summers to see dew-covered windows every morning. It is equally common – and more frustrating – to have glasses fog up every time you head out in the sweltering heat! Add to that the annoyance of face masks continually directing moist air at those lenses, hazing them up with every breath, and you have one aggravating day ahead of you!

While face coverings have become our new normal, we can at least eliminate the need for glasses and the hassle they cause. Replacing the natural lens with a multifocal implant permanently corrects your vision and eliminates the need for glasses at all ranges.  As an added bonus, once the implants are in place they never need changing and you will never develop cataracts in the future!  Interested in learning more about how you can permanently de-fog your vision?  Call us at 954-653-0100.